Autore Pearls new fashion jewellery line, Autore Moda

Ruby Autore, daughter of South Sea Pearl Industry leader, Rosario Autore, has launched new jewellery line Autore Moda.

A new addition to The Autore Group of Companies, Autore Moda is the latest player in South Sea pearl fashion jewellery. Launched in early 2020, the Australian based company believes in accessible luxury, and with a fresh take on the market, Autore Moda pieces embody a chic design aesthetic.

With their eye on a new demographic, Autore Moda has taken a different path to sister brand Autore Pearls, focusing on fashion orientated jewellery, ranging from simple designs to bold statement pieces.

This October, Autore Moda is releasing their first seasonal collection, Elements. Inspired by long summer days spent abroad, the collection is fun, distinctive and fresh. Autore Moda’s classic collection, Base, is a curation of timeless pieces which can be worn from day to night, and are the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Autore Moda uses a range of high quality materials in their jewellery, each selected to best suit the design and to compliment the gemstones used including Diamonds, Sapphires and the most coveted of all pearls, South Sea pearls. Combined with these precious stones, the brand uses beautifully crafted Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, Gold Vermeil and 9k Gold in their pieces.

The largest and most valuable of all pearls, The South Sea pearl is a labour of love, spending 2 years growing in some of the world’s most pristine waters. Autore Moda sustainably sources all South Sea pearls used in their jewellery from the affiliated Autore farms located in the crystal clear oceans along the coastlines of Australia and Indonesia.

Founded in 1991 by Rosario Autore, The Autore Group is one of the largest South Sea pearl companies in the world, and is a vertically integrated operation, from the farming process, to the wholesale market, to the final piece of jewellery.

Autore Pearls provides quality-assured luxury jewellery and South Sea pearls right from the source harvesting in excess of 350,000 pearls per annum from the companies owned and operated farms.

Autore Pearls has played a key role in expanding the pearl jewellery market by designing unique jewellery collections achieving international recognition through numerous jewellery awards and celebrity placements on some of Hollywood’s hottest including Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johannsson and Halle Berry.

Source: Autore Moda

Naomi Campbell, Kitty Spencer & Jon Kortajarena attend BVLGARI'S Barocko HJ event in Rome

Bvlgari has hosted an exclusive, intimate event, at stunning Palazzo Colonna, to introduce celebrities, press and VIP clients the upscale one-of-a-kind pieces of the Barocko collection: Bvlgari’s contemporary, sophisticated and creative interpretation of Rome’s signature Baroque art and architecture movement, which flourished in the Eternal City in the 17th and 18th century.

 In keeping with the inspiration, Bvlgari decided to stage the event – which was organised in accordance with all the required safety measures – at iconic Palazzo Colonna, one of Rome’s largest and most antique private palazzos.

The construction of the building started in the 14th century and lasted for five centuries. During the 17th century, the Colonna family tapped some of the most prestigious artists of the time, including Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Antonio del Grande, Carlo Fontana and Paolo Schor among others, to transform it into an authentic Baroque gem. During that period, the Colonna family also commissioned the creation of the majestic Galleria Colonna.

Before immersing themselves into the world of Barocko, the event’s guests had the chance to enjoy a tour of Palazzo Colonna, before reaching the palazzo’s garden. Immersed in a green paradise, they attended an haute couture-inspired runway show. Twenty models took the catwalk wearing some of the most iconic pieces of the Barocko collection, whilst the orchestra of Rome’s Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, one of the oldest musical institution of the world, performed as the sun set over Rome.

A high-profile range of celebrities flocked to Palazzo Colonna to attend the event including Naomi Campbell, Jon Kortajarena, Matt Dillon, Kitty Spencer and Poppy Delevingne.

After the show, guests were invited to a sophisticated dinner in the garden, where chef Emanuele Scarello surprised them with a menu created by Emanuele after having carefully studied the magnificent world of Bulgari and its link with the Baroque. 

Source: Bvlgari

Three New BVLGARI Barocko High Jewellery Watches Unveiled

Bvlgari Watches introduces Barocko, a new collection that pays homage to the unbridled magnificence of Rome’s artistic and architectural heritage, as expressed with a daring that could only come from the Roman Jeweller of Time. Historically, the baroque movement began as a rebellion from the strict lines of classicism, a heady embrace of exotic motifs and unapologetically exuberant themes. Channeling this drama and grandeur, its sense of movement and abundance, Barocko is as complex and unpredictable as anything Bvlgari has ever created.

With these new exclusive High-Jewellery collection and High-end Watch creations, the brand telegraphs a message of hope and optimism. Vibrant colors, extraordinary light effects, fanciful shapes and exquisite details convey a sense of joy and positivity, which spreads all over the world.

“Barocko means “meraviglia”, that is “marvels”, “illusions”. It means “filling empty space with new proportions”. At Bvlgari, we are always inspired by Italian beauty, and by the uniqueness of Rome.”Fabrizio Buonamassa, Bvlgari Product Creation Executive Director

The three Barocko timepieces represent a new pinnacle for the Roman Jeweller of Time. The first masterpiece, the High Jewellery Lady Arabesque secret watch, is designed as a set with the Lady Arabesque necklace, which is exquisitely crafted in the Bvlgari High-Jewellery Atelier in Rome, and the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Arabesque. The Arabesque shape is a key figure in baroque architecture, a touchstone of the romantic eclecticism that defined the era’s churches and palazzi. The third watch creation, the Serpenti High-Jewellery Baroque Pearls secret watch, draws on the theatricality of baroque, evoking the gorgeously textured pearls and lace that adorned the fashions of the time and gave designs a sense of intricacy.

The High-Jewellery Lady Arabesque secret watch is crafted in pink gold with a single round rubellite measuring just under 12 carats, nearly 30 carats of pink sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds, and some 13 carats of variously cut and pavé-set diamonds. The brilliant jewels recreate the richly textured lace that was a hallmark of Baroque, a delicate and daring execution that relies upon Bvlgari jewellery-making expertise.

The Octo Roma Arabesque follows a similar aesthetic, embellishing the 44mm case with a baroque embroidery of pink sapphires, tourmalines, emeralds and diamonds. As the thinnest Tourbillon on the market, the insides of the watch are no less impressive, and feature the mechanical manufacture caliber BVL 268. It is a juxtaposition of minimalism and maximalism and a triumph of technical expertise.

Baroque’s iconic aesthetic, defined by sinuous lines, voluptuous shapes, intricate complexity and unpredictable fascination, is revisited through the Serpenti Misteriosi High-Jewellery Baroque Pearls secret watch. An upscale, one-of-a-kind piece within the Barocko collection, set with emeralds, Akoya pearls and diamonds, the piece is meant to rewrite the rules of High-Jewellery design and manufacturing and to pay homage to the Perla Scaramazza.

An irregular natural pearl that is all the more spectacular due to its uniqueness and imperfect shape, it was used in jewelry during the Baroque Period (XVI – XVII) and eventually baptised the “Baroque pearl”.

One of the most complex pieces in the Barocko collection, this creation required 2,300 hours to complete. Diamond pavé swirls channel the baroque inspiration, as do the over 220 pearls that embellish the incredibly supple bracelet. Chosen and matched for consistent color and size, the pearls alternate with diamond-set rings to demarcate the piece and align with the iconic Serpenti aesthetic. A rare cabochon-cut emerald of over 12 carats hides the snow-set diamond dial.

Making their debuts parallel to the High-Jewellery collection, each Barocko masterpiece exudes harmony, grace and beauty, establishing the line as a collection of upscale, one-of-a-kind watch creations that vibrate with the vivacious hues of an enchanted kaleidoscope. Each is a symbol of Bvlgari’s boundless commitment to beauty, positivity and joy.


Bras N Things celebrate the female form with launch of new ‘We Fit For Anything’ campaign

Bras N Things’ fitting experts are on a mission to help every woman find a bra that’s just right with the launch of the new campaign, We Fit For Anything.

The campaign launch follows the recent rollout of Bras N Things’ new brand positioning, I Am Many Things, that celebrates women’s multidimensionality and supports them to confidently be themselves, however they choose to do so.

The We Fit For Anything campaign celebrates the female form, showcasing the range of shapes available and support needed for different occasions and times of life women need to be fitted for a bra. From the first bra to maternity bra, a sports bra or post-surgery bra – there is a perfect fit to give support through every stage of life.

Bras N Things has more than 30 years’ experience as experts in bra design and fit. And whether a fitting is done in store or online, Bras N Things’ experts make every fitting experience personal and positive to help every woman find the bra that’s just right.

Adapting to the challenges of COVID-19, Bras N Things has pioneered a new contact-free fitting method for use in store to keep customers and the Bras N Things team safe without compromising on service.

The Bras N Things design team are specialists in creating bras across a broad size range. Every new bra spends up to 12 months in development and is fitted on a range of different sized models to ensure comfort and consistency for all women. Bras N Things offer sizes from an A cup to H cup and use specialist construction specific to each size to ensure no woman ever has to compromise on comfort, fit or fashion regardless of her cup size.

Bras N Things’ National Retail Manager Tabitha Wickson said, “Bras N Things have empowered and helped women find the perfect fit for more than 30 years – we are the experts in fit. Not even the challenges of COVID-19 get in the way of this. We’ve used our expertise to pioneer a contact-free fitting method that keeps our customers and team safe without compromising on our fitting service. We know 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra and our team is passionate about helping women understand why fit is important and are on hand to share their expertise and take the mystery out of finding the right bra.”

The We Fit For Anything campaign was developed in partnership with creative agency FABRIC Sydney, part of the TBWA Sydney Group, who also created the Bras N Things new brand positioning – I Am Many Things.

Bras N Things’ National Marketing Manager Natalie Chalmers said, “This new campaign builds on from the launch of our new brand position – I Am Many Things. Having a bra that fits perfectly is important for comfort but a great fit also makes you feel amazing and can boost confidence too. But we know that getting fitted for a bra can be a very vulnerable experience for women, so we wanted this new look and creative around fittings to remove some of that hesitation by celebrating women’s bodies in the campaign. At Bras N Things we are on a mission as a brand to create a global community of female confidence warriors. As part of this, we want to help women discover what’s right for them and whatever it is that feels true to who they are. Because the greatest asset any woman has is to recognise what makes her, her.”

Bras N Things stores Australia-wide and online at

Source: Bras N Things

Uniqlo U SS20 Collection Launches in Australia

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO has announced that it will launch the Uniqlo U 2020 Spring/Summer Collection from September 17. Uniqlo U is a collection of “Future LifeWear Essentials” and is designed by Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire and his UNIQLO R&D team in Paris.

Together, they are reimagining everyday clothing using innovative materials and new, contemporary silhouettes. Each season is designed with the highest precision and in pursuit of a simplified, modern wardrobe.

Uniqlo U 2020 Spring/Summer offers a lineup of 57 items for women, 41 for men, and three accessories and will be available in-store and through (with all stores in Australia offering select pieces).

Elegant yet functional. A modern woman’s wardrobe for authentic, active living. The women’s line draws inspiration from independent, free-spirited, and active women who are out to explore the world. The mood works into modern silhouettes, technical fabrics and sophisticated colour options that Uniqlo U does so well, for an elevated collection of clothing that seeks to empower and enable women of today.

Light Cotton Parachute Pants incorporate details like enlarged pockets and reinforced knees. Buttons at the ankles allow wearers to switch it from a straight leg to a track pant. The design of the Jersey Tailored Jacket and Twill Jersey Relaxed Pants are based on a travel suit concept. The soft and comfortable jersey fabric of this Uniqlo U classic also offers a smooth and elegant silhouette. The light, sheer cotton button-down shirts can be worn open for casual, relaxed styling.

Practical and essential with classic details perfected. It’s menswear made for today. The collection is inspired by the utility of vintage workwear and military garments and rethinking their cut, fit, fabric and detail for a relaxed and contemporary mood. Functional details and features are elevated with a refined sensibility, balancing both practicality and style.

For 2020 Spring/Summer, Uniqlo U increases its focus on functional fabrics and details, perfecting classic patterns and exploring a novel range of colour to give old standards a burst of vitality. Items include the Cuban Shirt, long a beloved menswear classic. Uniqlo U’s version features pintucks, a single pocket, breathable cotton fabrics and open collar adapted for humid climates. The Hooded Coat is modeled after a military parka, with contrasting interior hues adding a sophisticated touch.

Source: Uniqlo