New wellness brand, D&X – Discovery & X, has announced the appointment of a new brand ambassador, Susie Burrell, one of Australia’s leading nutritionists. Susie is a seasoned professional with two Honours degrees in Nutrition & Dietetics and Psychology, and is excited to be collaborating with the enterprising new player in the market, D&X.

Recognised in the industry and with mainstream audiences, Susie is a well-versed media spokesperson and is a natural choice to represent D&X. In addition to her distinguished reputation within the industry, Susie is the resident dietitian appearing regularly on television and radio, as well as a contributor to a number of print and online media.

Talking about her new partnership with D&X, Susie comments, “I am honoured to be working with D&X and am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and favourite products with audiences. D&X is in a class of its own – products are made in Australia using all natural ingredients so you know they are of the highest quality. I truly believe consumers who care about their nutrition and overall wellbeing will become instant fans of D&X as I have.”

Mr Rick Chapman, CEO of D&X, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Susie to the D&X family and look forward to her representing the brand throughout our campaign. Susie is passionate about all things health and wellbeing and embodies the vibrancy and vitality of the Australian way of life. She is well respected within the industry, is intelligent and articulate and we have no doubt she is a great ambassador and spokesperson for the D&X brand.”

As an up and comer that is set to disrupt the industry, D&X is determined to be the leading health and lifestyle brand in Australia and internationally. Our global research and development team are at the forefront of innovation and we foresee endless possibilities for D&X in the evolution of our business and brand,” Mr Chapman said.

D&X – Discovery & X recently announced its first foray into the Australian market.

Initially being introduced in Australia is a range of innovative health supplements, created with complete wellness in mind. Made in Australia from all natural ingredients, D&X products are formulated by a global research and development team, led by renowned Australian naturopath Nadine Baker ND, BHSc(NAT).

Mr Rick Chapman, CEO of D&X, said, “Health and wellness is growing immensely in Australia and the demand for high quality products, made locally is soaring. D&X was established with this in mind to meet the needs of consumers who care about their nutrition and overall wellbeing. Our premium products are backed by scientific research and meet the strictest standards in the world.”

Supporting the overall feeling of wellbeing, D&X has crafted products to boost men’s health and stamina and heighten women’s health and beauty – releasing internally to revitalise externally. D&X supplements specifically for the man, defend against toxins and improve vigour and virility for guys to maintain masculinity.

D&X supplements created especially for women, work on the inside to relieve pain, prevent issues and regulate functionality.