We’ve recently carried out research revealing the World’s Most Fun-filled Destinations. We’ve explored a range of metrics from the number of amusement parks to the number of bars and restaurants, whilst taking into consideration the square km of these destinations.

The Top 5 countries that should be on your bucket list include:

  • The Netherlands – While also the number one for culture, the Netherlands boasts a huge array of museums and concert halls.
  • Cyprus – With 188 national attractions, 31 casinos and 32 museums, Cyprus was not overlooked in terms of its flow of culture and entertainment.
  • Belgium – Despite its small size, Belgium ranks third with 295 national attractions, 50 museums and 45 amusement, animal and water parks.
  • United Kingdom – From concert halls and art galleries to Michelin Star restaurants and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there’s a lot of culture to explore across the UK.
  • Germany– With the second highest number of Amusement, Animal and Water Parks, Germany has plenty of fun to throw yourself into.

You can see where your country ranks here.