TV Presenter Jessica Rowe was MC  for the 2018 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards, held in  Melbourne. The panel of judges included  interior designer Greg Natale and Actress April Rose Pengilly.

The Awards celebrated the Finalists and winners of the biennial design competition which celebrate Australian Jewellery Design.

The event was attended by VIP guests including Laurina Fleure, Athena X of Real Housewives of Sydney and Aleksandra Sekuloska from this year’s Bachelor.

Diamond Guild Australia announced that the Supreme Winner of the 2018 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery awards was Olivar Musson of Musson Jewellers with his piece “Aella”.

Featuring 36 forevermark ideal square cut diamonds on a stunning pair of handmade white and rose gold earrings, “Aella” set a new benchmark for style and originality at the awards.

Taking inspiration from Greek mythology, “Aella” perfectly captures the strength, confidence and femininity of women.

“We design for strong women everyday” said Musson, “so it seemed fitting to look to trail-blazing women in history as a design inspiration”.

Aella, the Ancient Greek Amazonite warrior, famously dared to fight Hercules. Musson aimed to emulate Aella’s strength in his design.

”I kept thinking about what the Amazonite warriors would have worn in battle, that idea that your battle dress makes you feel your most confident and strong. I wanted these earrings to have a shield-like quality so I needed a shape with edges. The square cut diamond created the look that all the components lock together like in great armoury.”

While the pieces’ incorporation of 36 ideal square cut diamonds served a stylistic purpose, they also contributed to theme of female strength and helped visualise Aella’s battle wear. The use of studs in the design of the “Aella” earrings added to the overall narrative of the piece.

Musson’s unique inspiration for his design combined with the style and refinement of the earrings made “Aella” stand out in this year’s group of winners. “Aella” has set a high standard of originality, innovation and style for future entries.


SOLITAIRE: “BRILLIANT” by Ben Preston-Black, Creations Jewellers

The stunning handmade platinum diamond set ring showcases a unique design inspired by the classic shape of the round cut brilliant diamond. The innovative approach to the solitaire setting has raised the bar for what can be achieved in this category.

FANCY COLOUR: “FANCIFUL” by Ben Preston-Black & Wisam Sarji, Creations Jewellers

A sculptural ring featuring several free flowing sections, FANCIFUL takes the eye on a visual journey across the swirls of metal interweaved with alluring colourful diamonds. The brilliant cut diamonds in various stunning natural colours such as white, pink and champagne elevates the complex and sculptural design in a perfect representation of the category.

DIAMONDS FOR EVERYDAY: “FLAME” by Matthew Staff, MJS Jewellery

An illustrious pair of drop earrings inspired by a flickering fire, FLAME offer a stunning contrast between diamond and metal. The complex use of black rhodium and rose gold create a bold, sculptural pair of earrings in celebration of the organic form of a naked flame.

DIAMONDS FOR MEN: “GRILL” by Brett Wood, Brett’s Jewellers

Embracing the complexities of design diamond jewellery for men, GRILL is the pinnacle of technical craftsmanship with innovative design. The ring’s use of a yellow gold and platinum grill design with a central baguette cut diamond creates a stylish balance of masculinity and extravagance.

RED CARPET: “AELLA” by Olivar Musson, Musson Jewellers

Inspired by the Ancient Greek Amazonite warrior who dared to fight Hercules. Aella’s strength is represented in a pair of handmade 18ct white and rose gold, shield-like diamond set earrings. Demonstrating the power and strength fine diamonds can represent in the modern world, the earrings feature a total of 36 Forevermark Black Label ‘Ideal Square’ cut diamonds.

EMERGING TALENT: “VOGUE” by Hannah Alexander, Jewels of the Kimberley

VOGUE showcases the unique coloured diamonds and pearls of the Kimberly, encasing several small round cut brilliant diamonds in a refined cocktail ring design. The innovative approach to a classic halo offers an elegantly complex statement ring.