Jimmy Choo x Kate Moss Launch at Fashion Eyewear

As part of Jimmy Choo editorial content series, IN MY CHOOS, Kate Moss stars in a series of striking images entitled ‘Bohemian Glamour’ featuring the Pre-Fall 2020 collection.

Spotted at the tender age of 14, the iconic supermodel’s career is the stuff of legend, spanning more than three decades at the top of the game. Now as a businesswoman with her own talent agency, a British Vogue Contributing Editor and still one of the world’s most in-demand models, she continues to inspire legions with her signature nonchalant style.

Here the queen of effortless bohemian glamour discusses the women who inspire her, her proudest achievements and the most daring moment in her life to date, offering a true insight into one of British fashion’s national treasures.

What’s the best career advice you’ve had? The best career advice I’ve been given is, well it is more like it’s something that I learn along the way, is to collaborate with the team.

What defines a modern woman in 2020 to you? I think the modern woman in 2020 is confident within herself.

What sets someone apart from the crowd? Originality. Someone who is original is somebody that stands out for me.

What’s your golden rule for dressing up? I don’t have any rules for dressing up, but I definitely think about where I am going and about the kind of character that would be going to that place and what they would wear.

How do you think the fashion industry has changed since you broke on to the scene? I think the fashion industry has changed completely. I think social media has changed everything about the industry.

Who inspires you and who are your icons? I’ve got a lot of icons, but Anita Pallenberg and Susie Cave are the most glamourous women that I know.

What’s your proudest moment to date? My proudest moment is when I see Lila growing up into a lovely young woman.

How do you overcome doubt? I think gut instinct is the only way to know it for sure. Trust your instinct.

What has been your most daring achievement? Opening KMA Agency was my most daring moment.

What is glamour in 2020? I think in 2020 glamour is about being open-minded and confident.

Who’s shoes would you like to step in to for a day? I’d like to step into Ginger Rogers shoes for the day, cause I’d love to be able to dance like that.

What advice do you give the talent on books? Best advice I can give my models is to be professional and work hard and remember you can say no if you don’t want to do something.

How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as eclectic.

What is your ‘go to’ shoe? Oh my goodness. I do like a strappy high sandal, it’s my dream shoe, if I could wear them every day I would.

What 3 words would you use to sum up Jimmy Choo? Jimmy Choo is modern, sexy and stylish.

Source: Jimmy Choo

Cauli-mania : Caulifower becoming the most versatile vegetable on everyone’s plates

Australian Workout Meals nutritionist Gemma Daley says overweight Australians need to ditch the diet and opt for lifestyle changes, and one key stodge replacement comes in the form of those big white cauliflower florets.

No longer something you only eat at Nana’s smeared in white sauce, Ms Daley says cauliflower is currently the go-to vegetable for everything.

It’s the health substitute everyone is using for everything from rice and potato, to pasta, pizza and pie crusts, as it’s high in fibre and a low carb alternative to grains and legumes, as well as a good source of antioxidants.

According to Nielsen data, packaged cauliflower products have grown by 71% over the past year. Sales of packaged cauliflower ‘rice’, zucchini noodles and other vegetable-based replacements for pasta and other simple carbs reached $47 million this year, with sales of cauliflower substitutes in particular doubling over the past year to $17 million.

Even better, Cauliflower, which comes in four colours – white, purple, orange and green – iscurrently in season (from September to November), meaning it’s better on your pocket and waistline.

Recent studies show one in three people have gained weight since Covid which Workout Meals nutritionist Gemma Daley blames snacking, poor sleep and stress with people who work from home spending longer hours at their desk than they would normally.

 “At the start of Covid-19, I think everybody thought working from home was going to give us the work-life balance we all craved but many are just tired and frustrated with countless trips to the fridge forced on by procrastination,” said Ms Daley.
“Meal preparation is key to staying on track with healthy eating but many are not putting aside time to do this because they are simply mentally fatigued which is where ready made fresh nutritious meals come in handy.” 

 But it’s not as hard as you might think, Gemma Daley has compiled six habits below to build into your lifestyle.
  • Eat protein with every meal. Protein helps to build muscle and is extremely beneficial for weight loss. Protein leaves you feeling fuller the longest as it assists in producing hormones. Hormones which play a direct role in making you feel full or satisfied. These proteins for each meal do not only need to come from meat but could also come from greek yogurt, cottage cheese and legumes.
  • Eating 5-6 servings of vegetables daily is recommended. Adding large salads or stir-fried vegetables to your meals can fill you up and provide your body with what it needs without adding empty calories as they are extremely nutrient dense. Include a couple of servings of low glycemic index starchy carbs such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin and beetroot.
  • Drink more water. Aim for 2-3 litres per day. The amount of water you need is dependent on your body mass size, On average women need to drink 2 to 2.5 litres of water a day while it is 3 to 3.5 litres a day.
  • Cut out processed carbs. That means avoiding donuts, pies and sugary drinks. You can eat whole grain breads and pasta but limit their intake.
  • Eat healthy fats every day. Get them from such things as walnuts, avocado, extra virgin olive oil and flax seeds.
  • Incorporate nutritious ready-made meals into your weekly menu, like Workout Meals to help you stay on track and prevent cooking fatigue.

Source: Workout Meals

GUCCI Sydney Flagship Store Re-Opens

Gucci has announced the reopening of its flagship store in Sydney’s Westfield. Following an extensive renovation, the store now boasts an increased retail footprint spanning over 11,702 square feet across two floors and houses a wide selection of men’s and women’s ready-to- wear, handbags, shoes, accessories, watches, jewellery, eyewear, beauty and fragrances.

The boutique is also home to a joyful city exclusive, the Sydney tote. This woven bag is available in a limited run of twenty numbered pieces, personalised by a signature leather patch that represents the city in embossed metallic gold lettering. Designed to reflect famous Bondi sunsets, the tote comes in vibrant and pastel pink colours, its shape finished with double top handles and an optional shoulder strap detail.

“Australia has always been a strategic market for Gucci. The country offers our brand a very exciting proposition supported by its melting pot of cultures. We are also very proud to be collaborating with local Australian creatives to showcase their art – inspired by Gucci codes – in our newly renovated Sydney Flagship,” said Emmanuel Delrieu (Gucci, Regional President, South Asia Pacific)

With a look that invites customers to feel welcome and relaxed, the interior design is discreet. Soft elements like velvet armchairs and vintage dark wood display furniture offset harder surfaces and industrial elements, such as rivets. Contemporary luxury is suggested not only by the employment of beautiful and idiosyncratic materials, but also through a determinedly spare use of space. In keeping with the elegant and contemporary eclecticism that characterises Gucci’s collections, the store sees the combination of traditional and modern, industrial and romantic.

Contrasting merchandising elements represent different design codes, and these combine to create curiosity, inviting customers to feel like they are constantly discovering new aspects of the store. Each Gucci boutique is therefore a “cabinet of curiosities”, created to delight and inspire.

The mood within the store is one of discretion, where understated drama is created by the surprising and unexpected combination of materials. The hand-painted parquet brings decorative effects on the floors, while being harmoniously integrated with the herringbone wood flooring all around. The store also features a bespoke client space for an exclusive shopping experience, accessible by a private entrance. Designed to create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere where clients can discover new collections and enjoy a dedicated moment within the store, this room is characterized by mauve velvet upholstered walls and artisanal hand-painted herringbone wooden floor.

Juxtaposition of this sort, where opposites forge a new connection, is repeated throughout: technical, display units contrast with the softness of the rich fabrics that adorn the rooms; round tables offset rectangular ones; dark wood finishes sit next to sage green or dark grey matelassé velvets, used for upholstery and fitting rooms. Throughout the store one finds sumptuous velvet chairs, while vintage oriental rugs are layered over each other for a textured effect. The result is a space that entices, surprises and feels personal to Gucci.

To celebrate the opening, Gucci partnered with creative collective O.Z.O to promote and support the local art scene, inviting curator and artist Edward Woodley to create and present in store a sculptural work (Edward Woodley for Gucci) which combines his signature style of contrasting underlays and collages with elements borrowed from the world of the House and the codes of its Epilogue collection – including Ken Scott’s archival prints Istric and Lulude. The artist’s approach and his practice is furtherly investigated in the video installation O.Z.O featuring Edward Woodley & Max Berry for Gucci, screened in the store’s parlour.

Showcasing the symmetry between the explorative artistic process and that of fashion, the video offers a glimpse behind the scenes on the artists’ quest to express feelings and meanings through blending, mixing and drawing in an inner landscape of shapes and patterns. To discover more on the works of Sydney artist Edward Woodley and his dialogue with Gucci, a limited-edition Zine and special numbered prints will be available in store.
Source: Gucci

$1.4m worth of jewellery to be auctioned

When Perth jewellery store, Charles Edward Jools, closed its doors last year there were questions raised as to where the stock would go.

Under instruction from liquidator Cor Cordis, its stock is being auctioned off in an effort to repay the store’s debts.

Over 300 pieces of jewellery is being auctioned by Pickles, Australia’s No. 1 auction and valuation specialist, via three separate online auctions in consecutive weeks, starting Wednesday, October 28.

Pickles’ Finance and Advisory Executive, Ray Webb, says the jewellery has been independently valued by Haddys Gemmological Services, a family run business with over 45 years’ experience in servicing, valuing, and selling jewellery.

“We estimate the auction items have a total RRP value of $1.4m.  There are pieces to suit all tastes – from the gregarious to the subtle – in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more,” says Mr. Webb.

Pickles predicts these two pieces in particular will be in hot demand:

Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings, RRP: $52,800 – Tanzanite is a rare blue gem that is commercially mined at only one location in Tanzania.  These earrings feature two Tanzanite gems (15.42ctw) and 16 Diamonds (8 x 0.385ctw and 8 x 2.145ctw).

Pearl Necklace, RPP: $32,670 – This multistrand pearl necklace features a clasp made from 139 Diamonds (1.7ctw).

Source: Pickles

Sydneysiders are booking yachts instead of restaurants

While 2020 has been tough for the events industry, boat and yacht rental company, Flotespace, has experienced an incredible 400% growth in just three months, thanks to the rising number of Australians choosing to hold private events on its network of boats, yachts and catamarans.

The specialist online boat hire platform is thriving in what has been a difficult environment for many event-based businesses, thanks to its innovative model which provides boat owners with the opportunity to rent out their investment and making it easy for consumers to find Australia’s best boats for hire.

With many Australians forced to change the way they socialise due to restrictions brought on by COVID-19, an impressive 90% of Flotespace’s recent bookings have been made for private events, as boat-based gatherings can provide more space and flexibility.

What’s more, as Australia’s appetite for water-based events grows, customers are willing to spend big, with Flotespace seeing a 40% uplift in bookings for luxury boats, as well as the average daily booking price increasing by 39%.

The impressive growth rate is just the start. Flotespace Co-CEOs Hugh Treseder and Mike McKiernan have also raised $400,000 through private investors, with ambitious plans to continue to solidify its position as the number one boat booking site in Australia, with international expansion also on the horizon.

Hugh Treseder, Co-CEO of Flotespace, says, “Hiring a private boat is a great way to restore and reconnect in times of uncertainty. We’ve experienced a huge surge in bookings over the past few months as Australians look to come together, yet the social restrictions in place due to COVID-19 mean that it’s harder to organise a group event at an indoor venue, restaurant or bar.”

He continues, “That’s where we come in to play – people are realising that hiring a boat, catamaran or yacht is a more flexible option for group gatherings, as due to the size it’s often possible to accommodate more guests. Currently, the demand is outstripping the supply, as we constantly add new boats to the platform. It’s a really positive position to be in.”

Flotespace Co-CEO, Mike McKiernan, says that boat owners are also seizing the opportunity to join the platform. “We’re seeing savvy owners jump on the chance to maximise their investments by renting their boats on Flotespace. They remain in control of their prices, schedule and availability, and we take care of the rest, so it’s a reciprocal partnership that works both ways.”

For Sydney-based boat owner Todd Page, Flotespace has been a game-changer for his business. Since joining the marketplace, he has seen a 20% increase in sales for his luxury split level catamaran, Adelina, which holds up to 47 people.

He says, “Flotespace has been an incredible way to help grow my business, in what we were expecting to be a tougher year in terms of bookings. It couldn’t be further from that – sales for our luxury sailing catamaran Adelina have increased by a fifth so far this year, with many customers hiring specifically to host events such as wedding parties, corporate events, birthdays and group gatherings.”

Source: Flotespace