BLING is dead, long live real pearls . . . Miranda Otto shows how it's done.

Miranda Otto (above) with Jan Logan at the Perth opening last night

Dateline: PERTH.
Admitting she is a real pearl girl, Miranda Otto, headed west to officially open the latest retail from the filmic-minded jeweller, Jan Logan.
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Masterchef's Matt Preston hooks into Hi! Society

News Magazines boss, Sandra Hook (above) with the sartorially elegant Matt Preston
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Since when should a 7-year-old be handed 20 bucks by a parent to grab a cab home from a kids birthday party?

I was shocked, saddened and quite frankly p****d off, to the point of wild frustration, to hear about a kid who was left at a 7-year-old’s birthday party with 20 bucks and told to get a cab home.

What has the responsibility of parenting become if a mother and a father (of which this child, I am told, has both) can neither fit a quick pick-up into their busy schedules. We are ALL busy for god sake, but will ten minutes on a Saturday morning totally change your life?

After mentioning this occurence on Twitter just a while ago and @imeldamatt noted, ‘you’ve got blogging gold in that story.’

‘Sadly this sort of thing is not even a blip on DoCS radar,’ said another Tweep; @Smiles57 said ‘Parenting by remote control. Welcome to the 21st century. This is progress? while larathom said ‘please tell me u are kidding. That is scary’
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Ubermodel Kristy Hinze and husband Jim Clark hit the Hamo high-life . . .

photographer Andrea Francolini

About as far north I travelled this week was Brisbane to be part of the Mercedes Brisbane Fashion Festival, but for a crew of others, Hamilton Island was the hot spot.

A swag of fashion and boating types flocked to the fair isle for a week of style and sea water as what looks to be an event to bookmark on the circuit calender. (Memo to self: save money to go next year.)
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Jayson Brundson leaves his own party early . . well he WAS exhausted . . .

A shopping centre on a Wednesday night isn’t somewhere you’d think would be buzzing.

But there it was, a mall with a huge crew of fans out to see the unveiling if the latest store from designer, Jayson Brunsdon.

And there looked to be another, much smaller crew at Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney to see something that looked to be occurring at a Chanel beauty counter.
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