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Coogee Bay Hotel embraces a responsible alcohol alternative: The Hangover Squad

Today’s story at got me thinking about a conversation I recently had with former bar promoter, Sam Coffey.

It’s all about an idea from this one Sydney guy who is taking a softly, softly approach to helping the Coogee Bay pub avoid alcohol-related conflict. If encountering a batch of big, burly bodyguards isn’t your idea of enhancing a night out, enter a new wave of pub ‘security’, aptly called The Hangover Squad.

THS is a group made up of professional people who are hired by venues to help their customers drink alcohol in a responsible manner.

“I sincerely believe that given the right support, this business could play a large role in helping to change the prevalent binge drinking culture that exists in a large section of the Australian society,” says events organizer & former bar promoter, Sam Coffey.
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A 'Kylie' eclair, the pop star does pastries

This is just too mad, maybe it’s an end of the year thing, but it’s just so cutely kooky...

In an Australian First Kylie Minogue to adorn the French Classic Éclair. Executive Chef Vincent Gadan from Patisse in Waterloo will unveil his ‘Kylie Éclair’ at Masterchef Live (Friday 10th – Sunday 12th December).
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Just when you thought league couldn't go much lower

The whole Joel Monaghan incident has made me and no doubt countless of other parents of young footy players really, really angry. I have a young son who loves his league. He and his ilk hold their sports stars up as people they admire. But as moral guardians? Ha. Never a chance.

If Monaghan and his posse are the types of brainless, morally bankrupt fools who continue to infiltrate the game and think their antics can be forgiven and forgotten, then it ain’t no place for rugby league’s junior players.

Sure, we’ll get everyone saying ‘but they’re not all like that’. Of course. We know that. But the stats aren’t looking good.

Drug use, alcohol-fuelled benders, the appalling treatment of women and gambling addictions have been well documented in the wide world of rugby league (yes and in many other spheres of public life I might add) but the incidence of each seem remarkably high when compared to the amount of professional league players in the country.
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Tradition is a nice ole thing but one 'engagement' is quite enough Mr Norman

Tradition can be a lovely thing. But in engagement terms, once is definitely enough. Does anyone else feel a bit cringeworthy about the Greg Norman engagement scenario?

Sure, no-one can ever begrudge anyone of finding magnificent, true, soul-saturating, ever-lasting love... but this whole ‘we’re engaged’ palaver three times on just seems a bit, well, embarrassing. And slightly juvenile. We’re talking a 55-year-old, mega-successful and wealthy man who had been there, done this all before and let’s face it, it wasn’t too long since the last time it all happened.

We’ve all seen first-time engaged couples get caught up the whole wedding preparation thing, and that is truly exciting, fresh and exhilarating.
But really, it shouldn’t be a scenario that keeps getting repeated. And repeated. And repeated.

Around time three shouldn’t you just get married? Quietly. Instead of dragging out the whole betrothal process as pics of some zillion-carat diamond ring get shoved down our throats?

Why not leave being ‘engaged’ to first-timers... not thrice-timers.
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