Another 'best job in the world' quest: Belvedere vodka looking for 'dream' bartender

There are a few ‘dream job’ opportunities around at the moment.

For the fashion-minded crew there is a search for the ‘Westfield Insider’: a woman, man, boy or girl who will win a $100K job to let everyone know, via social media platforms, how to find great pieces of everything without spending a fortune.

(Disclosure: I am a part of the search process and hosting the events as we travel the country for the right job applicant.)
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The two most personal things I never want to lose

I am just packing my suitcase to leave my hotel 5am for a 7am flight back home to Sydney from Singapore.

Here I am, with BBC World News on, the main story leading about the unheard numbers of people who are, quite literally, starving, and here I am wondering about where I have put my favorite, black woollen, cable knit peak cap.

And before you say ‘get a grip’ this little hat does hold special significance.

I bought it when I was in Prague with my late dad, a few years before he died (then worn when we scattered his ashes on the Moldau River six years ago.) And no matter how bashed up, make-up stained or “ball-ey” the wool has turned, I think of him every single time I wear it. And the bad news is, I can’t find it.
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As the cooking craze continues, fancy your kid as a designer chef?

Les Petits Chefs at Victor Churchill.

It’s been tagged the Balenciaga of the butcheries; the Chanel of charcuteries; the Missoni of meat. So now, the most stylish and award-winning butcher shops is hosting cooking classes, for adults and for culinary-minded kids.

And the timing couldn’t be better. With Junior Masterchef in production; the runway success of Masterchef still on many minds and the appearance of other kitchen shows like My Kitchen Rules and the upcoming Iron Chef, the Woollahra-based Victor Churchill butchery is catering for the cute crew. The school is the first of its kind in Australia and classes have already booked out in the short term (with ‘students’ flying in from across the country to attend).
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Coffee couture: Mega-stylish Manfredi's fusing food with uber fashionable Beat Poet crew

Loving this idea of a coffee and fashion fusion for the 10th year anniversary of Espresso di Manfredi by Piazza D’Oro. Espresso di Manfredi was created by star Italian chef Stefano Manfredi and Piazza D’Oro master roaster Wayne Archer (after tastings of the world’s finest single origin coffee beans) and ten years on, it’s still going strong.

With the Manfredi Italian style cap on, Beat Poët (one of Australia’s most promising design duos) have created a really great concept for the anniversary celebrations. Beat Poët, Edward Bertouch and James Johnson (pictured above) are transforming Blanco Restaurant and Bar, Kings Cross, into a celebration of modernism for the coffee label’s anniversary party next Wednesday, August 18, the design team creating a limited edition series of waistcoats to celebrate the Manfredi coffee decade.
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Fancy a woolly mammoth fossilized tooth; sculptured walrus tusk or museum-quality human skull? This could be the auction for you

picture courtesy of

The estate sale of beloved Potts Point philanthropist, Lillian Hoffman (1924-2010) is up for auction and if you take a read of the release below, she was quite the acquirer of some amazing dust collectors...

“Lillian Hoffman may have lived in Sydney for only a decade yet she managed to create a lasting impression and leave quite a legacy, becoming a well-loved local in her adopted suburb of Potts Point.

A woman who lived a thousand lives, Lillian was raised in the small Michigan town of Three Oaks, which her wealthy parents all but owned. Her family’s money allowed her to indulge her passion for collecting and travelling from an early age, perhaps inspired by her grandfather who set up a museum filled primarily with Native American artifacts. Lillian recalled combing the shores near the family’s Lake Michigan home looking for Indian wampum (shell beads used as currency) while the other kids were out swimming.
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