Hedonism and piety have always consumed Karen Walker in equal measure. Her collections reverberate with complex duality, the nature of good and evil. The bad apple hidden in the barrel. The preacher girl turned wild. The blessed and the damned. In Euphoria, the clash has never been clearer. These eight new frames embrace both the apple-cheeked optimist and the snake-eyed ne’er do well alike.

“Our focus was that sweet epiphany moment,” Karen says. “It’s about that urge to play with colour and shape and view the world in a way that can be transformative.” Sometimes, as in the case of the new sport-sleek Hallelujah frames, the drama of transformation is electric, almost futuristic. The mono-flatline of the low brow, and the shaped-to-the-face lean proportions in shiny black and smoke or Crazy Tort acetate teamed with violet, sets the new skinny in its own virtual reality. Paradise Lost also narrows the vision and comes across as a wilful, powerful reclamation of the wraparound shape that had previously fallen prey to the villainy of boganism.

Into this same realm comes Bad Apple, a pointed, wicked and Wiccan update on the cat-eye; Superhero, a masked avenger ready to battle the world, and Blessed, whose solidly, square-edged and masculine proportions could easily mark it out as the good guy in black, Crazy Tort or silver Galaxy Glitter acetate. Moving from narrow interpretations to the wide-eyed vision of true believers there are three key styles in the collection that embrace the outsized.

Nirvana is a large-format lens in soft, neutral shades – tan or sage – bordered with a negative-space metal frame in warm shades of brown gold and bright gold. Eden pushes a harder line with an outlandish new splayed Cubism in fresh combinations of shiny black acetate with mustard tint lenses, blue mono teamed back against Crazy Tort and a copper Supernova Glitter with a gradated lens in cool brown.

The last of the new euphorics is Wisdom; an easy-on-the-eye expanding-edge quadrilateral, with sheer tint lenses and metal rims. In shiny brown gold on sage tint lenses, black shiny rims with dark smoke, and shiny bright gold worked back against violet tinted lenses, perfect for a sunny day in the garden of good and evil.

The Karen Walker Euphoria collection is available at select boutiques, department stores, eyewear specialists and all Karen Walker stores.

Source: Karen Walker