Gisele Bundchen is baby bound . . . ?

And now just for a completely happy story about two pretty people having a baby…

According to that renowned London-based tweeter and hugely successful pap, Mr Paparazzi (he’s the wildly eccentric and multi-colored hair Aussie ex-pat Darren Lyons) the simply beautiful Brazilian-born model, Gisele Bundchen, is definitely pregnant to her American footballer hubby, Tom Brady.

While the rumors of her possible pregnancy had been circulating around credible fashion mag sites around the world, an upcoming Brady-Bundchen baby has been confirmed by Mr Pap and good old ‘sources’.

Reported to be one of the highest paid models – ever – when I interviewed her a few years ago when she was promoting her own shoe collection _ she was also one of the most natural (and I mean hardly a smidgen of make-up for the TV interview) and genuinely pleasant and un-star like models I’d ever encountered.

Even back then she raved about the importance of family. Can you just imagine how every sighting of their baby bump will be documented every inch of the way.