International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) has launched an Advocates Club, honouring the positive impact and contribution of a diverse network of stakeholders to establish and grow the venue’s world class reputation on the global stage.

Ranging from First Nation members to business leaders, universities and regional producers, 93 esteemed individuals have been named as official ICC Sydney Advocates.

The club has been set up to formally acknowledge the role of ICC Sydney’s network to promote Sydney as a first-choice business and entertainment event destination in their respective fields. It simultaneously aims to open up more pathways for the venue’s expanding Legacy Program to engage clients and the community in new ways.

ICC Sydney CEO, Geoff Donaghy said each of the advocates has been instrumental in driving the venue’s success and amplifying ICC Sydney’s brand.

“We’re privileged to have such a wonderful network of individuals and organisations who have backed us from the very beginning of our journey, from when our vision to set a new standard for premium event experiences was still in floor plans and virtual tours.

“From helping us through the hard yards of opening a new venue, securing business and activating our Legacy Program, we are grateful for the unwavering support of our advocates. This has enabled us to build a trusted reputation and make a positive impact on our surrounding community.”

Source: ICC