Shleep has been awarded the Eco-Age brandmark in recognition of the creation of a brand with wellbeing at its heart, innovating with natural fibres to positively impact the bedding, sleepwear and sleep accessory market through the development of ShleepTight™ and ShleepSkin™ fabrics.

Shleep is proud to be a Woolmark licensee, with our wool products certified to use the iconic Woolmark logo. As the world’s best-known textile fibre brand, the Woolmark logo guarantees quality and authenticity, giving customers peace of mind when they buy a product bearing this mark.

There’s nothing like sleep for feeling good and being healthy. And there’s nothing like Shleep for getting the very best sleep. That’s because of our special main ingredient—the super-soft, thermal- & moisture-managing Merino. It’s the material that works miracles to get you to sleep more quickly and keep you in the deepest slumber all night long.


Source: Shleep