Since when should a 7-year-old be handed 20 bucks by a parent to grab a cab home from a kids birthday party?

I was shocked, saddened and quite frankly p****d off, to the point of wild frustration, to hear about a kid who was left at a 7-year-old’s birthday party with 20 bucks and told to get a cab home.

What has the responsibility of parenting become if a mother and a father (of which this child, I am told, has both) can neither fit a quick pick-up into their busy schedules. We are ALL busy for god sake, but will ten minutes on a Saturday morning totally change your life?

After mentioning this occurence on Twitter just a while ago and @imeldamatt noted, ‘you’ve got blogging gold in that story.’

‘Sadly this sort of thing is not even a blip on DoCS radar,’ said another Tweep; @Smiles57 said ‘Parenting by remote control. Welcome to the 21st century. This is progress? while larathom said ‘please tell me u are kidding. That is scary’

From ESoPINK: ‘Wow, that poor child!! Major parental FAIL’, while Jacquisca was more forthright with ‘I think its called child abuse! Report them!’
Parents, who unfortunately witness this kind of ‘remote’ parenting are in a real conundrum.

Sure, none of us intimately know this kids parental situation, but for god sake, many children cope with unconventional parental situations without compromising the basic rights of kids.

And that right is for children to be granted the most simple and rudimentary of parenting skills.

Should fellow parents, have a quiet word to the parent/parents? Or is it, quite frankly, no-one else’s business?

The Australian Media section’s Sally_Jackson had a salient point after my tweet: ‘I think that’s horrible. Some people would rather spend money than invest the time with their kids’ while imeldamatt really read the riot act with “I can see why…I do believe ‘seen but not heard’ doesn’t equate to ‘last seen, in the back of a cab’. Ouch.

And the tweets went on.

From StephenRinaldo I received ‘surprised they didn’t video it and send it in to funniest home videos! Some people …’ while ESoPINK said ‘erm, i think it’s the $20 parents who have missed something ’.

poptrashmusic said ‘it’s really hard to fathom those sorts of people. Why bother having a child, if that is what you’re going to do?’ while LMStellaPR said, simply, ‘unacceptable. What? They’re having too much fun? Too busy? WTF.’

And the twitter responses went on and on.

From Poo_Patrol, a more amusing but still poignant point: ’20 bucks? How’s the kid supposed to afford a kebab & taxi ride home. The parent should @ least handed over 40!’ while timkenington said ‘That is just completely wrong. And in a way, sad.’

I think poptrashmusic summed it up the whole debacle with pathos and the whole point of parenting: ‘in 5 years when the child is uncontrollable, they’ll be the first ones to say ‘he/she was such a lovely child’. Awful.’

So, what are your impressions?

Has parenting become something some people do between work/socialising/making money and spending time with anyone but their kids?

Please post your opinion, I can feel a healthy debate coming on.