Singapore Airlines has won the Roy Morgan International Airlines Customer Satisfaction Award for April with a customer satisfaction rating of 89% ahead of a trio of Middle-Eastern based rivals led by Emirates on 87% and followed by Qatar Airways on 85% and Etihad Airways on 83%.

All four leading international airlines increased their customer satisfaction ratings in April 2019 compared to a year ago with Doha based Qatar Airways showing the biggest increase, up by 6% points from a year ago. Emirates increased customer satisfaction by 3% points, Etihad Airways by 2% points and Singapore Airlines was up 1% point from its already high levels.

Already in 2019 Singapore Airlines has marked itself as the airline to beat in the category winning the three monthly awards so far although Dubai based Emirates has also had a victory (February 2019).

Other big improvers amongst the leading international airlines include British Airways which increased customer satisfaction by 9% points to 72% and Thai Airways which was up 4% points to 79%.

Qantas is the leading Australian international airline with a customer satisfaction rating of 79% just in front of main rival Virgin Australia on 76% while Jetstar finished just outside the top 10 airlines in April.

Source: Roy Morgan