For a number of years, I have been having a series of skin treatments that have been keeping my skin in the best shape it can.

For me, having anything done to my skin is all about having minimal downtime after the event. With a fairly public/visual career – that never knows when it may see me having to make a television appearance – I can’t have a few weeks of NOT being able to throw makeup on or have a peeling face.

That said, what I like are non-intrusive and (hopefully) doesn’t leave me looking like a face freak. These treatments don’t include injectables or bits of my own fat being inserted into my face. 

Here’s what I do when I step into the very cool, pristine and slick looking former warehouse space in Alexandria called Zecca Cosmedical. 

The team there – brilliant nurses Ann and Ann and Doctor Jacinta Keoghan make every part of the experience brilliant. Here’s what I have done which leaves my skin looking and feeling mighty fine! 

At an initial consultation, which involves a comprehensive assessment of your skin, an individualised treatment plan is usually made to best treat your skin type and concerns. And it is worth every cent! 

*It starts with Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a process that deeply exfoliates the skin using a gentle vacuum that brings skin into contact with a diamond coated head. This kind of feels like a Hoover vacuum is being sucked over your face: and in the process, it gets rid of any residue or ‘crap’ that may be lurking in your pores. I love this part! 

This kind of microdermabrasion can be used for various skin conditions, including acne, or just to help improve dull or rough skin. Transient redness may occur after microdermabrasion but for me, it is gone in half an hour. By the way, microdermabrasion is a safe and effective procedure.

*Followed by laser

Lasers use a specific and focused single wavelength of light that is able to induce powerful changes and improve the skin with relatively low risk and downtime. 

It can be used for the treatment of most skin-related concerns, including pigmentation problems, rejuvenation, vascular conditions such as broken capillaries and Rosacea, tattoo removal, scar reduction, excessive or unwanted hair growth, skin tightening and improving skin texture and wrinkles.

Non-ablative lasers, such as the Gemini laser and Medlite q-switched YAG, are designed to accurately and specifically target a particular problem, without affecting the surrounding tissue. It feels like an elastic band being ‘flicked’ onto your skin and has an electric sound about it. It’s a quite ‘hot’ part of the session but the heat feeling doesn’t last long.   

At Zecca, fortunately they offer combination treatments which can include Omnilux/LED treatment and microdermabrasion and their comprehensive range of lasers and specialised cosmetic equipment.

*Finished with Omnilux Red and Blue light

Suitable for both men and women, Omnilux Revive™ is a non-invasive light therapy treatment that reduces the appearance of the visible signs of skin ageing. 

It is neither a laser nor an IPL treatment. At Zecca they combine this light treatment with Qswitch YAG and microdermabrasion to improve your skins luminosity tone and texture. 

Omnilux Revive™ is a completely painless, pure non-laser light source that is not an ultraviolet or infra-red light. 

I’ve found that consistency is key: ideally, it would be great to have series of 6 over a 6 week period and if you visit or call 1300 932 222 and you can found out more.

There are also lots of more intense treatments available at Zecca too – Clear and Brilliant, needling, Fraxel, Dermapen, Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and liposculpture. So when I have  some time to do a SERIOUS treatment that needs some extra downtime, I’ll be doing it a flash. (and preferably in the colder months.)

In the meantime,  the above trio treatment – dermabrasion, laser and Omnilux has been the best thing for the maintenance of my skin. Always followed up my using my fave products from La Prairie! Get to it!