This season Ella Baché are getting serious about skin with the launch of the new Great SPF 50 Sunglow. Fronting the campaign is the stunning Tahnee Atkinson who has teamed up with Ella Baché as the face & body of the brand for summer.

Launching October 2016, the campaign celebrates natural and healthy looking skin, something that Tahnee embodies everyday through her lifestyle and natural inner glow.

Tahnee is based overseas but is back in town for the Ella Baché campaign that sees her modelling for the first time as the face and body of a beauty brand.

Originally from Perth, Tahnee has been living abroad between NY and LA and is set to launch her own swimwear brand – with the idea of mix and matching bikinis to fit any body shapes.

Flaunting her incredible beach body and flawless skin, Tahnee stopped surfers in their tracks at the shoot in Maroubra as she showed off how comfortable she is in her skin.

Ella Baché knew Tahnee was the natural choice to represent the brand, as she is the quintessential Aussie summer girl. With her natural glow, matched with her sweet, down-to-earth personality – she epitomises Australian summer.