Yves Saint Laurent Beauty believes every woman should feel free to invent, define and create beauty in her own terms and live her life according to her own rules.

To embody this message, we are delighted to introduce Zoë Kravitz, the incredibly talented actress and recording artist as the new U.S. YSL Beauty muse. Zoë Kravitz will bring her free spirit, effortless style, and edgy playfulness to Yves Saint Laurent Beauty in an exclusive social media collaboration that begins in May 2016.

Zoë will infuse her authenticity, accessibility, and cool factor to the brand. She will share makeup looks, from effortless “au naturel” by day to edgy chic by night. Her favorite makeup picks and on the go-to-tips, will be released on Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and Zoë Kravitz’s Social Media channels.

“Yves Saint Laurent Beauty has always been one of my favorite brands. Their ability to combine the chicest of style with a raw edge has always been to me one of the best ways to express yourself through fashion and beauty. Nothing is forced, nothing is fake, but everything is bold, strong, and unafraid. I’m very excited to work with this legendary and timeless company,” said Zoë Kravitz.

She will also appear in a new Yves Saint Laurent Beauty project: “Before the Light”, a video saga showcasing how up-and-coming music talents from around the world use the power of make up to prepare and reveal their personality on stage. This “Before The Light” project will capture the moment, just before the show when a female musician goes from the woman behind the stage to a full confident and cool rockstar in the spotlight.

“Zoë is not afraid to stand up for what she believes – we love her confidence and authenticity as much as we admire her kindness, humility and deep respect for individuality. In addition to her incredible talent as an artist, Zoë’s inner and outer beauty truly represents today’s modern woman. As a YSL Beauty muse, Zoë represents the brand’s vision of beauty, appealing to women of all ethnicities to become empowered through style and beauty”, says Alexandre Choueiri, U.S President of L’Oreal International Designer Collections.